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Can this mods be used on Evita one xl?
I've created new threads in one x+ forum :-)

Give a shout if you have recently joined our group :-)

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MagioRom One X+ Themes And Apps / Learn to Theme
« Last post by grinder19 on January 02, 2014, 03:52:26 am »
Here we will help with those that want to learn to theme :-)

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MagioRom One X+ Themes And Apps / Theme Requests
« Last post by grinder19 on January 02, 2014, 03:50:30 am »
Any requests for mods or themes post here. Magiorom will create it :-)

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MagioRom One X+ Q&A / AT&T magiorom X+ QnA
« Last post by grinder19 on January 02, 2014, 03:49:39 am »
Any questions post here.

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MagioRom One X+ Q&A / International magiorom X+ QnA
« Last post by grinder19 on January 02, 2014, 03:48:39 am »
Any questions to be posted here

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MagioRom One XL Themes And Apps / Re: Themes for MagioROM
« Last post by Derek Gilmer on January 01, 2014, 06:42:52 pm »
Dark inverted theme looks awesome. Great work.
MagioRom One X+ Rom / Reserved
« Last post by Flashalot on January 01, 2014, 12:21:21 pm »
Reserved for mods and themes :)

Please download myhub for here

All the latest news, themes and mods will now be posted to myHub on a regular basis. Future OTA updates will also be through myhub :)
Thanks goes to mikrosmile for this incredible app :)

New colored weather mod for prism and lockscreen by ImagioX1

Just flash through recovery :)

Colored Weather V4.zip - 1.35 MB

Coming soon sense5 cyan inverted menus theme...

The theme you have all been waiting for has finally arrived :)
Dark magiorom theme is complete. Just flash through recovery to install theme :)

Any issues let me know.
Virtually everything has been inverted for Rom :) icons are magiorom exclusive icons created by grinder19

Search for me on playstore for matching icons for theme :)

Big thank you to fisha21 for helping me troubleshoot broken code and for fixing some images for me

Original concept idea by darkone team visit there thread at: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2401882



Statusbar icon creator Mod

i have created a zip that lets users edit the statusbar icons then flash changes through recovery.

all you need is:
    1)extract files in zip
    2)go into vrtheme/system/app/systemui.apk/res/drawable-xhdpi/
    3)edit icons using any paint program ideally use photoshop or gimp
    4)rezip the files (make sure you select Meta-Inf & Vrtheme folders and compress like this)
    5)flash through recovery
    6)enjoy! :)

Do not change names of icons or the folders they are in. the system picks up the names so if you change them they won't work
do not change the icon sizes at all especially .9.png images as they will distort and cause systemui crashes

SystemUI_User_Mod2.zip - 1.91 MB

Let your imagination run wild and please share your work for others. i will add them to MagioHUB when i have finished coding the app :)

Red Statusbar Theme Created by grinder19 just flash through recovery :)
Statusbar_Mod_Red2.zip - 4.04 MB

Cyan Statusbar Theme Created by grinder19 just flash through recovery :)
Statusbar_Mod__Cyan.zip - 3.79 MB
MagioRom One X+ Rom / Downloads:
« Last post by Flashalot on January 01, 2014, 12:14:41 pm »
Rom Update
MagioROM_OTA_R6.2.zip - 8.98 MB
Rom Update
Magiorom_Xplus_R6.zip - 995.08 MB - Full Wipe optional unless coming from another Rom

R6.2: OTA
Enabled init.d scripts by default
Fixed WiFi hotspot
Added latest myhub files and configuration. You can find myhub under settings

R6: Full Rom
Completely stripped rom down and rebuilt it from the ground up.
new APM(thanks @tr1gg3r84),
New systemUI with animated background support(thanks @richamondoUK for fixing background issue)
New performance tweaks giving the best performance yet
New Battery performance tweaks giving best battery performance(you may need to calibrate battery)
credits PurePerformances X & to zeppelinrox for his default.prop of V6
ImbaWind for his parts of Adrenaline Engine
idcrisis for his CrossBreeder
nicolassp for his S1_Optimize
(Ive used their work as a basis then improved on the concept solely for this rom)
Viper4android included (thanks @ViPER520 and @zhuhang)
Longpress back to kill mod(thanks @imagiox1)
Now able to select dark Theme from this installer
myHUB included providing access to mods and themes thanks microsmile(will be available in next OTA)
New bootanimation thanks to @venomtester
many many more improvements.

I notice small error I left superuser app in Rom so it will ask you to install binary don't allow it and go into supersu app instead go to settings and tap remove other super user apps and reboot. If supersu not installed then install from playstore do that then make the app a system app in settings

R5.7: OTA new systemui
New magiorom exclusive systemui with full scrolling HEQS, fully animated, flashlight toggle, hold toggle to open setting, magiorom icons all created by @grinder19
Improved Camera
Zipaligned apks
Sound enhancements
Awesome Battery Life

R4: OTA Full Rom Update (Please note You will need to flash the boot.img as this is a completely new base (WWE) you can use the all in one tool to flash boot,img just click flash kernal )
rebased 2.18.401.2 (HTC WWE base)
Added CRT Animation and 30 step volume mod
Fixed volwake mod you will now have advanced power menu and the mod enabled
power-profile enhancments
Awesome Battery Life
Tweak audio mods the sound now should be crisp/loud/quality

R3: OTA Update (Please note you need to install full rom (R1.5 Fix) and link should automatically popup on first reboot)
Xposed Framework.

The official thread is here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1574401. In a nutshell the Framework allows to modify system files on the fly. Something like Tweaks APP from my previous ROMs.
Xposed Framework (you find it in app drawer if you choose the option in AROMA) doesn't do much for the user by itself. Only allows you to use modules.
Modules can be found here on xda or on modaco:
Modaco Toolkit has some very nice features a user can use and customize the device to his liking. Probably the most feature rich at the moment.
More modules can be found on this very forum on xda
[MOD][XPOSED] BlinkFeed Back to Top [1.0][HTC Sense 5]
[MOD][XPOSED] Smart Alarm Icon [1.2][HTC/Samsung 4.0.3+]
Added AudioBeats enhancements
New Xloud/Clear audio framework added
Sony Bravia engine added for clearer Images
Finally got advanced power menu working

R1.5: Full Rom Update (no need to full wipe or flash boot.img again if already installed R1
Fixed Rom not working at all for some users. Everyone should have no issues with Rom not booting now
Added DevTool OTA announcements and updates support. please note you have to manually install updates through recovery until i work out how to do it automatically

R1.5: Full Rom Update (no need to full wipe or flash boot.img again if already installed R1
New OTA support included in Rom via Romdb  this also means that I can send announcements if you subscribe to this and instant OTA notifications and download.
Improved battery comsumption by zipaligning apps and editing framework-res values,
new default wallpaper by MagioROM
new boot and down animations by @grinder19

R1: Initial Release!
Rebased to 2.17.709.2
Sense 5
Android Jellybean 4.2.2
Quick settings
Show battery level in status bar
sleep mode in power settings
12 quick settings tiles (Being Replaced in next update to Magiorom systemui Exclusive)
ae / af lock feature / Lock Exposure / Focus
Video highlights, 30 seconds show in 12 different themes
100 jpeg quality (props @ivicask)
Music channel visualization with live lyrics
Rooted / unsecured boot.img
init.d support
Advanced power menu (reboot to bootloader, recovery, hot reboot, safe reboot)
optional for enhanced mms ( light up screen on sms / mms receive)
Full wwe

If any errors or issues please provide a logcat with details and email me @ richardlovinkaylee@gmail.com

Use this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nolanlawson.logcat

Also if you wish to add me on hangouts use the email I just provided :)

MagioROM Official Website
Donated by slimdizzy
Designed and maintained by Phonefanboys. MagioROM badges by grinder19

[SIZE="7"]MagioROM One X+[/SIZE]

Many of you will know Magiorom first started out as a port of sense 5 on HTC One XL, since those days the team have worked hard to make this the best Rom available. We hope we can accomplish this :)

Kangers beware! This Rom has hidden code and other ways to tell instantly if my work finds itself in other Roms without credit. Magiorom spends 100's of hours doing our best work and we do not appreciate work stolen and passed off as your own. I will find out and you will not get away with it :)
That goes to any of my themes or mods they are for magiorom ONLY so do not use on any other Rom or pass off as your own work.

International HTC One X+
Unlocked Bootloader!
HTC one x+ all in one toolkit!
Boot Image from Rom Zip
1. Make nandroid of your current rom.
2. Wipe cache,dalvik cache, system.
3. Flash Rom zip
4. Don't reboot after zip installed go back to bootloader.
5. Use all in one tool to flash kernal (boot.img) from Rom zip
6. Reboot and enjoy.
Whats working:
Whats not working:
You tell me!


Thanks to:
Members of Team MagioRom
Founder ImagioX1
Lead Developer MagioRom Owner: @imagioX1
Lead Themer / Developer: @grinder19
Developer(Member of Team Blackout): @MadMax
Developer: @E.Cadro
Video Producer / Tester: @Phonefanboys
Tester: @warcliff, + others
Lead Developer: @Tr1gg3r84 @rc420head
Tester: rc420head
HTC One X+
Lead Developer and No# 1 Themer: grinder19

Others Who Helped:
@baadnewz : InsertCoin Rom - without his Rom my Rom would not exist so thank you so much for making this possible

Massive massive credits to @venomtester for donating me a laptop so I could continue developing and theming. Also for magiorom wallpapers

If you have any contributions such as bug fixes, ideas, themes, or anything don't hesitate to post them and or pm me. I'll add them to the next update or post them in the op for download.
If you like my work please consider donating. It takes many hours to produce the best quality development, many sleepless nights and many migraines. Even a beer helps :)

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