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Author Topic: [ROM]MagioRom_ONE_S_NFR_1.1.0[4.2.2][sense 5][MyHUB][speed tweaks]  (Read 5873 times)

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This is for the new firmware only (HBoot 2.16)

Team MagioRom "the users rom" brings you a custom rom with many mods and themes brought to the rom in a easy to use app myhub. themes are made by the one and only @grinder19. mods are made by many Team members and other XDA developers that hang out with us on hangouts:p

Member of Team MagioROM
Lead Developer Rom Owner: ImagioX1
Lead Themer / Developer: grinder19
Developer(Member of Team Blackout): MadMax
Developer: E.Cadro
Video Producer / Tester: Phonefanboys
Tester One XL: Zick / others
HTC One Mini Developer Tr1gg3r84
HTC One S New Developer rc420head
Others who Helped
For Rom Base- Credits to llabtoofer
MagioRom wallpaper app,crt off,testing,hanging out with us,and a whole lot more Credits to Flashalot
Xposed framework- Credits to rovo89
MyHUB- Credits to mikrosmile

1. be on the newest firmware, if you need to upgrade click HERE
2.load rom on sd (if you cant mount sd on pc)
Code: [Select]
adb push zipname.zip sdcard3.follow instructions in aroma (full wipe recommended)

11/12/13 1.0.0 initial release
*based on system dump by llabtoofer
        *Elenmental x 6.1 by Flar2 Source Code
*custom SystemUI
*MyHUB mod and theme installer
*Xposed framwork
*sense5 toolbox
*MagioRom wallpaper chooser

11/14/13 1.0.1
increased kernel voltage to stock for stability
small tweak to init.d

11/30/13 1.0.2
updated speed tweaks
updated MyHUB
Fixed adaway/system write
added modified files for weather icons thanks tr1gg3r84
custom weather icons by tr1gg3r84 coming to myhub soon

12/8/2013 1.0.3
fresh start
fixed wifi tethering
cleaned up aroma installer
added init.d speed tweaks

 12/13/13 1.0.4
added updated phone.apk thanks to LlabTooFeR
added dark aroma theme thanks to flashalot
added a few small MagioRom icons

2/14/14 1.1.0
updated all apps to newest version
cleaned up duplacite build.prop entries
added Magio themed Clear Audio+ thanks to Tr1gg3r84

1.1.0 on android file host

1.1.0 on devhost

MagioRom, a ROM for the HTC One S

rc420head, grinder19, ImagioX1, Flashalot
ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Hboot 2.16

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.0.2
Stable Release Date: 2013-11-12

Created 2013-11-13
Last Updated 2013-12-01
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Offline Flashalot

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Got you

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Offline rc420head

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Got you

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I will beat the!

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Offline rc420head

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If you want to remove the red warning at boot and your on hboot 2.16 already then here's how you do it.
1. download THIS ZIP
2.put the zip file in your fastboot working folder and note zip name (modded_hboot_2.16.0000.zip)
4.plug your phone into pc and reboot your phone in to bootloader and select fastboot
6.in command prompt
Code: [Select]
fastboot oem rebootRUU7.your phone will have silver HTC in middle of screen
8.in command prompt
Code: [Select]
fastboot flash zip modded_hboot_2.16.0000.zip9.your phone will have green progress bar that will stop about 3/4 of the way,you know its done when command prompt says finished. total time: ..
10.in command prompt
Code: [Select]
fastboot reboot11.done
12.whole this looks like this

thanks and credit [MENTION=1293920]touch of jobo[/MENTION] for the moodded hboot

HTC One S Help Page

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Fireware Update How To

If you don't want to manually enter commands then try this handy tool by [MENTION=4678269]Flashalot[/MENTION] http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=47504956

HTC One S Help Page

MagioRom firmware now includes no red warning on boot~thanks and credit [MENTION=1293920]touch of jobo[/MENTION]

Download Rom from OP and MagioRom_no_red_firmware_2.16.zipHERE

1.extract firmware zip on your pc desktop
2.open extracted folder and double click command prompt
3.put MagioRom on your phone sd
4.flash MagioRom from recovery
5.reboot into bootloader and select fastboot
6.in command prompt
          fastboot oem rebootRUU
7.fastboot flash zip firmware.zip
If you get an error
FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately)
type command once again
fastboot flash zip firmware.zip
8.fastboot flash recovery redtwrp.img
9.fastboot reboot
10.follow how to from OP

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  • Guest
Great Job guys, thanks

The mods preset in MyHub at 27-12-2013


  • Battery Only Number Veggieburger font by kalel77 28-12-2013
  • Battery fuel_gauge_RED by kalel77 28-12-2013
  • Battery htc font OnlyNumber RED by kalel77 26-12-2013
  • Battery stock robotofont by kalel77
  • Battery htc font OnlyNumber by kalel77
  • Ball battery gradient colors by kalel77
  • Battery stock sense4 by kalel77
  • Brick battery glow by kalel77
  • Gallon battery by kalel77
  • Stock gradient color by kalel77
  • Thaco battery widw blue by kalel77
  • Circle sun mod by kalel77
  • Thaco battery wide by kalel77
  • Bluebox with andt on charge by rc420head
  • Battery MagioRom stock grey by kalel77
  • Elegant blue battery percentage by kalel77
  • Color circle battery percentage by kalel77
  • Purple stockish with percent by rc420head
  • Scull with white percent by rc420head/tr1gg3r84 idea
  • Circle battery large font by rc420head
  • Stockish no percent by rc420head
  • circle battery by rc420head
  • stockish looking battery by rc420head
  • Red lcd battery icons by rc420head


  • Andy had to much apple juice by rc420head
  • Red dice coming at you by rc420head
  • Bubbles notify by kalel77
  • Grey background pulldown notify by kalel77
  • Water reflection animation by kalel77
  • Red fluid animation by kalel77
  • Red&black hypnotic animation by kalel77
  • Psychedelic 3D animation by kalel77
  • Red flame animation by kalel77
  • Red plasma animation by kalel77
  • Static grey wood by kalel77
  • Droid plasma by kalel77
  • Droid matrix by kalel77
  • Roboandroid animation by kalel77
  • Static MagioRom tophat by kalel77
  • Static gold eye by kalel77
  • Matrix animation background by rc420head
  • stock notification background by rc420head


  • CWM philz touch by phil3759
  • Red themed TWRP by Flashalot

  • Remove MagioRom icons by rc420head
  • Stock systemUI by rc420head
  • MagioRom SystemUI by rc420head


  • WIFi_Back2Stock by kalel77
  • Red sense wifi by kalel77
  • Purple wifi by rc420head
  • Wifi sense style blue by kalel77
  • Wifi alternative blue by kalel77
  • Wifi alternative by kalel77
  • Stargate wifi icons red by rc420head
  • Stargate icons by rc420head


  • Bootsplash Magiorom Trigger logo 2 by kalel77
  • Bootsplash Magiorom Trigger logo 1 by kalel77
  • Bootsplash Incredible Magiorom by kalel77
  • Bootsplash Man of Steel by kalel77
  • Bootsplash Magio Modded original HTC font by kalel77
  • Bootsplash Magio Modded by kalel77
  • Bootsplash stock grey by kalel77
  • Bootsplash stock white by kalel77
  • Bootsplash Magio skull fire by kalel77
  • Bootsplash KitKat ville by kalel77
  • Bootsplash MagioRom gold eye by kalel77(original artwork by venomtester)
  • Bootsplash true black by kalel77(original artwork by venomtester)
  • Bootsplash MagioRom quietly by kalel77(original artwork by venomtester)
  • bootsplash Batman by kalel77(original artwork by venomtester)
  • MagioRom bootsplash by rc420head


  • Boot sound Original One S by kalel77
  • Boot sound Old HTC by kalel77 25-12-2013
  • Crt off by Flashalot


  • Bootanimation Nexus 5 by kalel77(for original boot thanks and credits to Flashalot)
  • Bootanimation original stock HTC by kalel77
  • Bootanimation Magio alternative by kalel77
  • Bootanimation Beats logo by kalel77(for original boot thanks and credits to kylepont)
  • Bootanimation MagioMod by kalel77
  • Bootanimation true black by psylooooo
  • Bootanimation white circle with M in it by rc420head(thanks and credits to venomtester)
  • Bootanimation MagioRom with red glass M by rc420head(thanks and credits to venomtester)


  • Weather icons Minimal colored_from One X by kalel77 27-12-2013
  • Weather icons Minimal colored by kalel77 26-12-2013
  • Weather icons colored ver.3.0 by kalel77 26-12-2013
  • Weather icons colored ver.2.2 by kalel77
  • Weather icons colored ver.2.1 by kalel77
  • Weather icons colored ver.2.0 by kalel77
  • Weather icons colored ver.1.0 by kalel77
  • Weather sense 5 back2stock by kalel77
  • Blue weather icons by tr1gg3r84
  • Weezle weather icons by tr1gg3r84
  • Tick weather icons by tr1gg3r84
  • Sense 4 weather icons by tr1gg3r84
  • Miui weather icons by tr1gg3r84

  • Font_Veggieburger by kalel77 28-12-2013
  • Font stock Sense 5 by kalel77
  • Font roboto ss by kalel77
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